Types of pain
we see

As an established clinic with experienced practitioners with an integrated approach we see daily chronic and persistent pain cases including:


A detrimental and painful disorder primarily affecting women’s reproductive organs but can also affect other organs in the body.

IBS visceral pain

Our naturopaths are focussed on chronic pain and we see a lot of people with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Joint Pain

Arthritis affects a large number of Australian’s, mostly occurring as osteoarthritis. It is a major cause of pain and disability

Arthritic pain

1.6 million Australian’s suffer with Osteoarthritis (OA). Do you experience pain, stiffness, discomfort or dysfunction in joints such as your knees, hips, feet or hands?

Musculoskeletal pain

Musculoskeletal pain refers to painful conditions that affect the muscles, joints and bones. Causes include postural strain, repetitive movements, overuse, nutritional deficiencies and prolonged immobilisation.

Neuropathic pain

The goals of treatment for neuropathic pain are to manage the pain as much as possible and to minimise the negative side effects of the treatment.

Persistent injury

Do you have an old sporting or work injury that has healed – but was just never the same again?


Managing migraines focusses on treatment to help reduce attacks. A comprehensive and individual plan that addresses all key aspects driving pain.

Persistent Headaches

Most headaches, whether tension headache, migraine, sinus headache or posture related, are caused by tight muscles.

How we treat the types of pain we see

Benefit from our cutting edge, integrated approach to persistent pain conditions


At Vibe Natural Health clinic, Grange, in Brisbane’s inner north, we understand how debilitating persistent pain can be. It impacts on all aspects of your quality of life from physical activity, your mood, motivation, sleep quality and wellbeing.


The Vibe team is supportive and compassionate and will take a detailed case history and look for the origin of your pain, because the site of the pain is not always the primary cause. We will treat the cause and develop a personalised pain management strategy so that you can heal, reduce your pain levels, improve function and rebuild the quality of your life.



Let us help you manage your persistent pain with our comprehensive headache, neuropathic, arthritic, immune and autoimmune, and inflammatory condition knowledge to create the unique treatment strategy that will suit you. We want to return you to optimal health where pain is no longer a problem you must bear.

If you would like to find how PainWISE can help you, contact us to discuss how this program can help relieve your pain and help you to live and move with ease.