Manual Therapies
for chronic pain

At Vibe, we provide a range of Manual Therapies for chronic pain

Remedial Massage

If your body is a network of painful tight knots, our deep tissue massage is a technique using firm, deep pressure to release the tension that has been building up into the rope-like adhesion that is causing you so much pain. Those suffering this painful condition can use deep tissue massage for treatment and as a preventative measure.

Relaxing the muscles and reminding them of how they are supposed to behave i.e. letting go of the tension, can provide immediate relief, used consistently can prevent recurrent pain such as headaches, sinus pain, tight bands, neck pain, lower back pain, thoracic pain, injuries (by releasing the muscles around the injury) and visceral pain.


How our massage therapists treat chronic pain conditions

With specialisation in sports and remedial massage, lymphatic drainage massage, relaxation, pregnancy and deep tissue, we have a toolbox of techniques to restore vitality, improve circulation, clear blockages and relieve nervous tension.


With 17 years of experience, Dr Jodi provides a gentle approach to restoring function to your body’s musculoskeletal and nervous system. Through supporting the natural healing process, chiropractic care reconditions your body and promotes healing by encouraging your muscles, nerves and joints to return to a state of optimal function, decreasing persistent pain caused by over-use, structural misalignment, injury and referred pain.

Our chiropractor aims to empower patients to regain a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic care, education and support. She believes it is important, where indicated, to co-manage patients with other health care professionals to achieve optimal results and reduce pain as efficiently as possible.


How our chiropractor treats chronic pain conditions

Your chiropractor will ask you what you are hoping to achieve in your treatment, discuss your health history and factors involved in your condition. This will be followed by a physical examination, range of motion testing and muscle testing. This is important in assessing your body and how well your nervous system is controlling muscle function.

Treatments are tailored to the individual and vary from low force gentle techniques including activator, blocks and respiratory adjustments, through to gentle manual adjustments.

Dr Jodi specialises in back, neck and shoulder pain, nerve pain, tight muscles, pregnancy related symptoms, assisting babies, toddlers and school aged children with persistent pain.


Adjustments can re-set your body mechanics to work better. Dr Emma Kopsikas, our Osteopath at Vibe is a specialist in body movement and function. Highly experienced, Emma uses techniques similar to physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage, to influence the spinal column, joints, muscles, nervous system, circulatory system and promote the health of your internal organs so that your body moves as it was designed to and remains free from injury. Osteopaths don’t simply treat injury – although they can certainly treat acute conditions – their focus is on prevention and restoration, recognising that the body works as one whole system and pain is rarely produced by one isolated area. They take a holistic approach, assessing causes of imbalance and providing alignment, manipulation and exercise treatments. In some cases, re-alignment alone can resolve persistent pain.


How our osteopath treats chronic pain conditions

A consultation with our osteopath at Vibe will involve taking a thorough case history of your persistent pain, a physical examination to determine a diagnosis of your condition, followed by a treatment devised specifically for you.

Osteopaths treat chronic pain conditions such as back, neck and pelvic pain, joint pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), bursitis, tendonitis, headaches, migraines, sciatica and nerve pain, postural issues, arthritic conditions, respiratory, pre- and post-surgery management and we also treat persistent pain in babies and children.


A large body of evidence supports Acupuncture for pain relief.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system and acupuncture is its primary therapy backed by a large body of evidence for effective pain relief, with prominence in chronic and persistent pain particularly in lower back pain, abdominal – including female reproductive organ pain and migraines.

Juanita our acupuncturist at Vibe, supports the integration of Eastern and Western medicine and also in co-care of patients with other practitioners to ensure the best possible patient outcomes for pain syndromes such as menstrual and gynaecological conditions, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

How our acupuncturist treats chronic pain conditions

Acupuncture treatments at Vibe are personalised to treat each person – a similar condition in two different people may receive quite different treatment due to consideration of all factors such as general health and lifestyle, stress, emotional state and physical environment.

Oriental massage is often included in a treatment and therapies such as cupping, moxibustion and electro-acupuncture may also be applied, 5 element acupuncture and distal acupuncture for fast pain relief.

Acupuncture reduces pain through the release of endorphins affecting the processing of pain in the brain and spinal cord. It also reduces inflammation, improves immune response and increases microcirculation which aids in the recovery of swelling and bruising. The results are improved muscle stiffness and joint mobility including relief for disc herniations and muscular strains.

Through acupuncture treatments you can reduce your need for and dependence on pain medication.

If you would like to find how PainWISE can help you, contact us to discuss how this program can help relieve your pain and help you to live and move with ease.