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Learn How To Re-train Your Brain To React Differently To Pain

Chronic Pain is a big problem in Australia with as many as 1 in 5 people living with persistent pain daily. In addition it has been reported that up to 1 in 10 people become addicted to pharmaceutical opioids prescribed for genuine pain related conditions. There is a real need in our community for innovative and evidence based solutions.

That’s why Vibe Natural Health is partnering with PainWISE.

PainWISE is a a persistent pain education program, developed by award-winning clinical pharmacist Joyce McSwan. Its goal is to help people understand their pain, re-train their brain, and ultimately better manage their condition.

Vibe Natural Health is the only multi-modality allied health practice in Brisbane offering the PainWISE program, combining the three key areas essential to pain management success: education, team care, and community, in the one clinic.

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Joyce McSwan Clinic Pharmacist

Joyce McSwan

Joyce McSwan, creator of the PainWISE program, is a multi award winning Clinical Pharmacist and Pain Educator. Joyce is passionate about helping people reduce their dependency on pain management medications and providing better access to Pain Management.

Whilst her background is as a clinical pharmacist, she recognises that pain is a complex condition and non-drug options are equally important.

She is an advocate of achieving patient outcomes with focus on the whole person approach, based on current scientific evidence and innovative collaborative systems

Ananda Mahony Persistent Pain Naturopath

Ananda Mahony

Vibe's Senior Naturopath and PainWISE facilitator, Ananda is a Nutrition lecturer with more than 15 years clinical experience and presents pain education to health professionals around the country.

Ananda's interest in pain management was born out of frustration that her clients were not getting good results using standard naturopathic and medical approaches, as well as an innate curiosity about what underpinned their pain and how to work more effectively with it.

Ananda will complete her masters in the science of pain management mid-2020, is a member of the Australian Pain Society and International Association for the Study of Pain

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