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Meet Dr Jodi Floyd

Experienced Chiropractor, Grange, inner north Brisbane

Jodi has 18 years’ experience as a Chiropractor in Brisbane, offering a gentle approach to assist your body back to balance.

Chiropractic is a well know treatment used to restore balance and promote healthy function of the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous system. It may help to ease:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Tight muscles
  • Pregnancy related symptoms
  • Assist babies & toddlers
  • Assist school aged children


Living with chronic pain isn’t easy. The pain you experience, particularly if you stand or sit all day i.e. if you’re a tradie or a desk worker, can impact your work enormously. It impairs overall quality of life. In some cases, chronic pain is also related to depression. For these and many other reasons, we must tackle this problem and choose an acceptable way of managing any chronic pain you experience.

Needless to say, taking medicine isn’t the answer to all medical problems. This is why chiropractic care poses as an ideal way of working towards managing pain.

About Dr Jodi Floyd – Chiropractor

I am a caring and holistic Chiropractor who loves working with a variety of patients to help their bodies function at a more optimal level, towards better health and wellbeing.

I have considerable experience in treating musculo-skeletal pain and a strong passion for working with women throughout their pregnancies, newborn babies and school age children.  I have been a practicing Chiropractor for over 17 years and in that time I have not only pursued continuing education in these areas, I have also been blessed with great mentors who have nurtured my skills and expanded my knowledge.

I am one of only a few Chiropractors in Brisbane who are certified in Applied Kinesiology and use this, and my experience in Retained Neonatal Reflexes, to complement my Chiropractic techniques.

I believe in empowering my patients to have a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic, education and support. I also believe its important where indicated to work with other health care professionals to help co-manage patients for optimal results.

In Australia, the current data according to Chiropractors’ Association of Australia:

  • 16% of Australians visit a chiropractor, which is 3 million people per year
  • 62% of chiropractic appointments were for back problems
  • 71% patients were aged between 25 and 64
  • The most sought after treatment is spinal adjustment
  • 90% patients who used chiropractic said their treatments were very helpful.


Your body is normally capable of healing and regulating itself without surgical or pharmaceutical intervention. Sometimes though, when the body’s structure is not functioning correctly, this ability to seek balance can result in pain as the body tries to compensate for dysfunction and over-uses some muscles or joints. Chiropractic care seeks to address structural dysfunction in your body encouraging your muscles, nerves and joints to return to a state of optimal function and decrease pain.

I provide Chiropractor services in North Brisbane in the Grange, Newmarket, Alderley, Stafford, Mitchelton, New Farm, Newstead, Fortitude Valley, and Windsor areas.

If you would like to discuss treatment further, or to book an appointment now: call 3162 2211 or Book Online anytime.

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Dr Jodi Floyd, Chiropractor

Dr Jodi Floyd
Registered Chiropractor