Experienced Osteopath, Grange, inner north Brisbane

Emma Kopcikas Osteopath

Emma Kopcikas, B.Clin.Sci, M. Osteopathy, Registered Osteopath

“As I have spent my life surrounded by fitness, I do have a special interest in sporting injuries. From rising stars to weekend warriors, the ability to recover and keep going with your sporting and fitness goals is important to me.

I definitely have an interest in treating babies and children. I never get tired of watching how quickly they respond to treatment. I want to do whatever I can to give a child the best possible start to life whether they are new born, on the move or starting big school.”


Emma Kopcikas, Osteopath in Brisbane

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Previously Emma worked as an Osteopath in Brisbane at clinics primarily treating office workers and sports people, as well as at clinics who solely focused on the treatment of pregnancy, babies and children. This experience has made her a great “all round” Osteopath.

Osteopathic medicine focuses on the individual as a whole, rather than just treating specific symptoms your osteopath will find the root cause of your pain which could be referring from somewhere else, or from weakened structures that seem unrelated to the site of pain. While conventional medicine may rely on pain medications and surgery to treat pain, the osteopathic approach to chronic pain is a little different. One of the key tools in the osteopath’s arsenal is osteopathic manipulative treatment.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment covers a wide array of hands-on, body manipulation therapies used by osteopaths to treat chronic pain. These treatments can range from a simple myofascial release (similar to deep tissue massage) to high-velocity, low-amplitude procedures, similar to chiropractic manipulation. 

Dr Kopcikas comes from a strong sporting and fitness background. She has trained and competed in basketball and has a special interest in women’s sport. From a young age Emma experienced her fair share of injuries. From rolled ankles, sprained knee ligaments, to lower back pain, shoulder injuries and torn muscles, Emma has been there – so this experience helps her to be an empathic and experienced practitioner.

If you are experiencing pain or recovering from an injury, Emma understands the difference finding experienced, holistic and results-focussed care can make to you feeling your best as quickly as possible.

If you would like to find how PainWISE can help you, contact us to discuss how this program can help relieve your pain and help you to live and move with ease.