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Just understanding how pain works in the body can help reduce your symptoms. We aren’t just about pain management. We are about understanding pain so that you can conquer pain.

Team Care

We are an integrative team of practitioners whose focus is helping people with chronic pain move more freely and achieve a better quality of life.


Feel supported and understood with small group learning environments, an online community and a network of healthcare professionals that understand chronic pain and know how to help you.

PainWise is a comprehensive pain education program that is the first of its kind in Australia

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Education is the cornerstone of helping you understand and conquer your pain. This 6-session course is based on neuroscience and designed and written by renowned clinical pharmacist, and persistent pain educator, Joyce McSwan. Each session builds your knowledge helping you to understand pain, giving you tools to help manage and reduce your pain, improve sleep and reduce medication reliance, as well as providing healthy eating guidance. Ultimately this 6-week program supports you to stay on track with your journey to freer movement, better quality of life and understanding your pain so you can conquer it.

Watch this video to help you understand pain in less than 5 minutes and find out what you can do about it.

Integrative approach

We will work with your current medical and allied health team to help you achieve your goals, reduce dependence on medication, and make informed choices about your care to optimise your health outcomes.

Manual Therapies

Our practitioners are experienced in the treatment of persistent pain conditions. Manual therapies play a significant role as both a first line symptomatic treatment for chronic pain but also as part of an integrative approach for rehabilitation and safe movement.

Naturopathy and Nutrition

At Vibe, our Naturopaths are focussed on supporting patients with chronic pain. We use an evidence-based approach to determine and address the factors contributing to your persistent pain.

Creating Community with Vibe Natural Health

Chronic pain isn’t just debilitating, it can also be isolating and often people living with chronic pain feel misunderstood. Research shows that recovery from chronic pain is possible with support from community, family and productive healthcare partnerships where responsibility is shared and not just left to the individual. Working with people in chronic pain at Vibe Natural Health we aim to build community and a community of support around you. We do this in several ways, all with the aim of creating better outcomes for chronic pain:

  • Small group learning environments allow for facilitated learning and skill development
  • Feel supported and understood with an online community
  • A network of healthcare professionals who understand the neuroscience and language of chronic pain and know how to facilitate shared and integrative care for better outcomes and quality of life.

Are you Ready to Conquer your Persistent Pain?

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Are you Ready to Conquer your persistent pain?

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As an established integrated clinic with experienced practitioners we see daily chronic and persistent pain cases including:

Your Persistent Pain team.

At Vibe Natural Health
Ananda Mahony

Painwise Facilitator & Naturopath

Kyra Hepton, Remedial Massage Therapist
Kyra Hepton

Remedial Massage

Emma Kopcikas, Osteopath in Brisbane
Emma Kopcikas


Georgia Limmer

Naturopath, Nutritionist

Marnie Poiner


Suzanne Sunner Acupuncture Brisbane
Suzzanne Sunner


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Vibe Natural Health is proudly offering this unique chronic pain management service.

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Chronic Pain Blog

Welcome to the PainWISE blog

Here we will share news in chronic pain management, provide case studies, latest evidence based research and things we haven't even thought of yet! We look forward to creating a place to keep all the information we read on chronic and persistent pain. Let us know in the comments what you like and what topics you want to read more about.

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If you would like to find how PainWISE can help you, contact us to discuss how this program can help relieve your pain and help you to live and move with ease.